Pagebuddynotisvc : What is It? Easy Explanation


So you have been seeing a strange app name in your Samsung device called pagebuddynotisvc, and it has been an issue of discussion on many forums to the extent that many people feel that it’s malware.


So what then is this app?


Let’s talk about that now.

What is Pagebuddynotisvc?


This is an app, oh not really an app, but it’s a program a system program that you cannot actually use with interactions.


Pagebuddynotisvc is Samsung’s own headphone icon, when the headphones are plugged to the phone, there is usually a button that comes up close to the notification area this app is responsible for it.


It also helps to feed back error messages when you connect a headphone to your mobile device.


With this you can know if the volume isn’t Recommended and all those extras that Samsung sends you.


As we have discussed above, it’s Samsung’s own inbuilt program, which means that it’s harmless.


Why People are Scared of pagebuddynotisvc:


Many people don’t like this app simply because it’s name looks malicious and it’s something to suspect but be rest assured that it’s totally free from malware.


The second reason is because it drains your phone battery and it’s making some phones get hot as well.


How to remove pagebuddynotisvc;


Here’s how you can remove Pagebuddynotisvc, 


  • Go to Settings
  • Tap More
  • Tap on application Manager
  • Select all to select all the apps (3rd party and System apps)
  • Select pagebuddynotisvc
  • Disable it
  • Restart your device.


If you are sure that you don’t need this again you can just delete it.

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Disadvantage or Deleting or Disabling pagebuddynotisvc:


Here’s why you shouldn’t delete this app.


  1. You will no longer get notifications on errors regarding your headphones


  1. You will not get notifications that your volume is too high which isn’t good for your health.


But what if you deleted the app and you need it back?


How would you do that?


How to get pagebuddynotisvc back after Delete:


If you want to get the app back you will have to do a full system reset (reset to default settings)


This way you will get all what you had when the phone was bought, expect a roll back on the system update.


Warning: Performing this action can lead to you losing all your files pictures and Videos, if you don’t back up.


Do this at your own Risk


Have any questions about pagebuddynotisvc?


Drop it in the comment section below


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