Razer Cortex Works: [Find out how fast]

Does Razer cortex work

If you are looking for a game booster, then you may ask: ‘does razer cortex work?’.

Probably you may have asked google for game booster downloads, but to no avail, your games are not still as fast as you desire them to be.

If you are new to what Razer cortex is then, this post will enlighten you better about it.

What is Razer Cortex:

Razer Cortex is a game booster which helps to optimize your pc by improving its performance, this app does this by managing and shutting down other background
processes or software.

Does Razer work

These background apps are the ones you don’t need while you are gaming.

Its frees your ram and gives you enough space to play your heavy duty games, the action taken by razer cortex can result in better gaming performance.

Does Razer Cortex work?

Well, yes it does work, I personally have used it and it has been a nice experience so far.

Razer cortex is a game booster and putting your PC on game mode allocates all resources to your game (the one you are playing)

The app also helps you to locate drivers that aren’t updated as they are essential for game performance, but in all you do make sure that your graphics drivers are updated.

More information about this Game Booster (Razer Cortex):

Most persons feel that such a nice app like this should be for a price. What do you think?

Well, razer cortex is free and is for all windows pc, it works for windows 10,8 and 7.

This free game booster has an AUTO/EXPERT control feature, and this goes a long way for optimizing pc for gaming speed.

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What Cortex Users are saying: 

One user says:

“It lets me run my game perfectly even on a PC which is not made for gaming”

Obviously I agree with the user above, if cortex was to work with maybe a play station or a better gaming system, then I would say it’s easier since such platforms are specially built for gaming.

But for a computer, which was built for other things other than gaming, then definitely the question: does razer cortex work? Has been answered by this.

IF you are looking for how to improve gaming performance on Windows 10, then this software can help you big time.

Frequently asked questions about Razer cortex (The Game booster)


How does a game booster like razer cortex work?

As already mentioned on this page when the game boost is activated, the app suspends all other background processes that may be taking place at that point in time.

With this all the computer has, will be channeled towards the gaming as that’s the concentration of power, RAM and all others at that time

It also makes sure the essential drivers for gaming are updated and can be in use.

Must I launch my game from the Cortex app before it can be boosted? 

NO, as far as your game is in the cortex library as soon as you open the game from your desktop or your start, the game is boosted.

Does this boost affect my Hardware?

No, it doesn’t rather it focuses on the computer’s processing power, and makes it large enough for the game you want to play.

How to download Razer Cortex

This can be done by going to this link:
After web-page has loaded, click on Download Now
It’s just 4.74mb.


So yes, if you are asked: does razer cortex work? Your response is YES, it does work, and will definitely help you to boost your game and have better gaming experience.

If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment and I will reply ASAP.

Written by AmenaCliff

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