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You probably should have come around shadowplay or Nvidia, but you may not heard about Shadowplay hotkeys or shadowplay keyboard shortcuts. 

Either ways, I’ll greatly admit that the shadowplay is a great platform especially for good gamers like you (I guess)!!


But to truly become a great gamer, either using. a pad or keyboard, you have to know the controls right?
But a good gamers that can’t navigate quickly around a game isn’t effective, and that is why Shadowplay hotkeys are important.
So let’s look in details about the shadowplay keyboard shortcuts.
This is a feature added to Shadowplay, and enables you to  navigate faster around the game and perform some good functions.
The shadowplay hotkeys can also be called Nvidia hotkeys, or Nvdia keyword shortcuts, so don’t be confused if you see them around.
I’ll explain further what these hotkeys really are:
For example, we all use computers at home, and most likely our keyboards. To screen shot on PC while playing game or even any thing else you can use the hot keys Win+G.
Did you notice from the above example that the Hotkeys “WIn+G”, comprises of Windows Tab(on keyboard)and G.
So our hot keys are combinations of keywords functions.
Let’s look at these hot keys or keyboard shortcuts.

Shadowplay Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys:

Below is some a list of these hot keys that can be used in shadow play and their functions:
We are going to look at them by categorizing them into  sections:
1. Twitch Broadcasting
Alt+F8 toggles broadcasting on/off
Alt+F7 pauses/resumes broadcasting
Alt+F6 toggles the camera on/off while broadcasting
Alt+F12 toggles FPS counter on/off
2. Shadow & Manual
Alt+F10 saves the last X minutes recorded.
Alt+F9 toggles manual recording on/off
Alt+F12 toggles FPS counter on/off
3. Shadow
Alt+F10 saves the last X minutes recorded.
Alt+F12 toggles FPS counter on/off
4. Manual
Alt+F9 toggles manual recording on/off
Alt+F12 toggles FPS counter on/off
Am not going to list all the ekeyboard shortcuts here, but I will help you find it.

How to Find All Shadownplay Keyboard Shortcuts: 

To find these shortcuts do the following:
Head over to your preference tab
Scroll done and you will see the shortcuts out listed there.
The Picture below describes how it looks like.
Shadowplay Keyboard Shortcuts


Which is the most important of all Shadowplay hotkeys:


The most important Shadow play keyboard Shortcut is the one that helps you to start and stop recording your game.
By default this keyboard shortucuts is Alt+F9.
This hot key can be changed to your taste.

How to use the Alt+F9 

It’s easy as I said above, it is used to start and stop recorindg the game:
So if you are playing a game them you would want to use the keyboard shorcuts “Alt+9” to start recording, but if you want to stop recording, use the same “Alt+F9.

How to set up your Game record with Shadowplay: 

It any to do this, and. I feel it’s an alternative to when other functions don’t work for you.
Note: This works for (Windows 7, 8, 10)
Steps to record your Game with Shadowplay:
1. Open Nvidia Geforce experience( if using a Nvidia card)
2. Under My Rig in your app, click on Shadowplay to check if  your PC is compactable with it.
If it is comapactible it will tell you “READY” but if it isn’t the app will tell you the reasons.
3. To switch on Shadowplay, Launch the Nvidia Geforce Experience again and click on Shadow play.

4. Click the switch at the left hand side of the  shadowplay window, to flip it on.

Nvidia Keyboard Shortcuts


A green light will definitely appear, on your screen, indicating that Shadow play is on, an amazing on (how to know if shadowplay is on).
By default the Shadow play uses the Shadow and manual method, and so it record the last 5 minutes of your game.
If you press the shadowplay hotkey : Alt+F10, you will save the game to your PC automatically.
To manually start recording a clip use the Alt+F9 method we learnt about above.

Where are the clips being stored, after recorindg with Shadowplay shortcuts: 

Your clips are automatically stored in:
So navigate through that to see your already stored clips.

How to see the FPS counter in Shadowplay: 

Here you will use one of the shadowplay Hotkeys, the hotkey is: Alt+ F12.
This helps you to see the FPS counter in any game,even if you aren’t recoridng it.

Does Higher FPS means Higher Quality? 

Umm… Yes it does, I remember while I was using the Alt+F12 to check mine, I noticed that when it was at a higher FPS the game was smooth and graphics were awesome.
Let’s descirbe why:
The higher the fps, the more smooth your animation (gameplay) becomes.
 The recommended framerate range is 50 to 60 fps. Any FPS unit higher than that,  your eye can’t tell the difference.
 More is always better ,High fps gives smoother game play and improved gaming experience.

Does Ram increases FPS? 

You may be able to just run the game with extreme high-end GPU and CPU.
To actually get higher FPS , it actually depends  on the processor and GPU.
 So in order words, No, RAM doesn’t have that much impact on your FPS. Although It is proven that, for some games, it actually increases the FPS slightly.
This is because of the fact that game takes high memory, so you need enough RAM to handle it, and even leave some space, for background activities.


Wrapping Up: 

So yes shadowplay do have Hotkeys a,do they are better found in the preferences tab.
I listed the Most important Shadowplay Hotkeys and it remains the Alt+F9 it helps to record a game.
And the stored game is stored at:
That pretty much it about Shadowplay Keyboard Shortcuts.
If you  have any questions, drop them in the comment section below.
I’ll be ready to answer them, or do you have any experience, feel free to share.

Written by AmenaCliff

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