Simplisafe keypad out of range: A simple Fix

Simplisafe keypad out of range

Did you get the simplisafe keypad out of range, message when you’re using your keypad?

Well in this article we will discuss what simplisafe means by that message / error.

Simplisafe keypad out of range

What does simplisafe keypad out of range mean?

This is a message you get whenever your keypad isn’t connecting with the base controller or station.

But why does this happen?

There are two reasons why this error message may occur.

Let’s consider them.


  1. The Keypad is far from the base station, and cannot have any signal sent to it.


  1. Your keypad isn’t paired with the base Station


So the first way we can try to fix this error is bringing the base station and the keypad closer to each other.


 You can decide to unplug the base station and bring it closer to the keypad or you can decide to remove the keypad from the brackets and bring it closer to the base station

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If the error message is cleared after doing this, then that’s the solution, it’s best you  move your base station a little bit closer to the keypad.


This is the major cause of the error, so you want to make sure your base station is close to your keypad 


If that didn’t solve the problem, there’s another way you can do this.


You can try to pair your keypad to your Base station.


How to clear simplisafe keypad out of range error if you have another remote.

  • Press “menu” on your second Keypad, and type in  your Master PIN.
  • Select “Devices” and scroll down to the Keypad that is returning, the error message.
  • It will be identified either by the name you gave the Keypad, or by the serial number, which can be found underneath the battery cover of the Keypad.
  • If you do not see the Keypad issuing the error in your list of devices, scroll back to the top of the Devices menu and select “Add Device”, and then “Keypad”
  • When prompted, press and hold the red “panic” button on the top of the Keypad that is issuing the “Out of Range” error. 
  • Your Base Station should acknowledge the new device by saying “Keypad added. Now choose a name.”
  • Name the device. You can then exit the menu by clicking the “menu” button in the bottom left corner of the Keypad.




 How to clear Simplisafe keypad out of range If you have only one keypad

  • Remove the battery of your keypad, and then put it back.
  • Remove the power adapter from the base station
  • Using a screwdriver, (Phillip’s head), unscrew the battery compartment cover of the base station, you will have to turn it clockwise for this to work.
  • Press the small button, that’s opposite the side of the slot, where the power adapter is inserted.
  • Press one of the buttons of the keypad.
  • You’ll get a message “KeyPad added” and that’s it it’s going to work for you.


If there are any further steps the keypad will provide you with that.


So that fixes the issue of simplisafe keypad out of range, do you have questions regarding this issue (simplisafe keypad out of range)?


Leave them in the comment section below.


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