10 Best Smart Watches for Women in 2019


smart watches for women
If you are looking for smart watches for women, then this is the ideal post for you.
No doubt the Best Smart Watches for women and even mention should have a compilation of both Elegance and Functionality so as to fit the desired Luxurious life and Digital Capabilities.
Lets have a quick look at these smart watches.

Smart Watches for women: With Elegance and Functionality:

1.  Apple Watch series 4

smart watches for women
Forgetting about the branding this is actually our first pick, especially for those women who own an iPhone.
The Series 4 is actually bigger than last year’s series 3, it’s of 2 sizes: The 40mm and 45mm, so it’s bigger, but if you want a smaller one you should consider opting for the series 3, which are of size 38mm and 42mm
Apart from the size, the apple watch series 4 also follow the trends of improved fitness tracker, and this also makes it says health device.
The awesome features are waterproofing ND swim tracking, it also has a built in GPS and  LITE for making calls
The big feature of the series 4 is the ECG but for now it’s only supported in the United states, as a result of this unavailability around the world, many decide to stick with their series 3. would you do the same?
Without the screen on it looks like a normal wrist watch, but it’s not. It’s actually one of the perfectly finished smart watches for women in 2018.

2. Firbit Versa:

smart watches for women
Fibit just entered the smart watch race, and it’s first launch( Ionic)  was a really great one.
They got better when they released the Versa, the second Release (Versa) is smaller and that makes it part if the list of smart watches for women .
No changes were made in the software for the versta, it still runs the same Os with the Ionic
it can resist water when it’s 50m deep and that helps it to track your swimming. On other feature is the Fibits (female health) Period tracker.
Fibit decided to drop the GPS tracking which was wired with the Ionic , this doesn’t mean you can’t track your GPS, you can still track it but only when connected to your phone.
You can still load your watch with music but only US users can play offline music from Deezer.
In the United States only the Special edition is wired with Fidit pay.

3. Michael Kors Access Runway

smart watches for women
This smart watch is a great alternative to our number choice. one amazing Feature is that it Supports both Android and iPhone.
I know the Vertsa is way more better when it comes to tracking and the Michael Kors Access Runway won’t beat it in that, but it’s Luxurious look is amazing.
The Michael Kors Access Runway also has tracking abilitie., it offers Alert, Google pay and also other customized feature of it’s own.
It has a built in GPS, unlike the versta, it has heart rate tracking abilities.
But despite the big names there are still some improvement to be made to make it top the list of best Smart watches for women.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch

smart watches for women
The Samsung GALAXY watch is a great choice for women who want smart watches, first because of its color.
It’s perfectly finished with the rose gold color and not only that. It’s size is also cool having a 42mm head watch with another verison being 46mm.
This is to me considered a flagship as it has an AMOLED screen.
Although it doesn’t have apps, but this is a great choice for those more interested in timely Notifications, Sport tracking and even solid fitness coupled with the it’s great design.
This great device is also helpful when it comes to  battery. It beats the Apple watch as it packs battery juice hat last for 2 days.
The only part of this watch I wasn’t impressed okay is the way Bixby sucks here in comparison with Google Assistant and Siri.

5. Skagen Falster 2

smart watches for women
A really Great option for those who want a great wear Os Watch and also for NFC payments, it’s a great smart watch for you.
If you own the Skagen Falster 2 you will get a great wear Os but most custom faces there are meant to customize and not improve the battery life.

For me this is a great choice when it comes to design and it’s really great because it’s not only designed for women. Men too can use this, but this finds it self in our list of best smart watches for women. Bravo!!!!

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6. Fossil Q Neely

smart watches for women
Gone are the days of thick watches if you got this. It’s sleek and slim body give it an edge over others.
This way surprise you but it’s an Hybrid watch and it’s actually meant to keep thing simple and clean.
It doesn’t look like a smart watch but It is.
You get the chance to track your activities and heart rate all in the Fossil Q app, you obviously won’t miss out on the Vibrations alert which you can also match a number in the watch to.
For example if you get a message from Skype the hand of the watch will move and postion it’s hand at 5 ( for instance) based nyour setting though.
So this is an incredible feature of this watch, it’s Elegance too is something to remember.
The 3 buttons at the edge of the watch serve different fucction based on your settings.
You could use it to control music you’re playing, even to take selfies.

7. Kate Spade New York Scallop:

smart watches for women
It’s another smart watch for women. The design of the Brand is easily noticed at he bezels of the watch screen.
It’s adorned with an Amoled screen, it has no flat tyre.
The Smart watch has a nice feature allowing it to adapt to light and reduce it’s screen’s brightness accoridngly. This is a battery saver.
It lack some feature but its still at great smart watch for women.

8. Michael Kors Access Sofie

smart watches for women
Lat year the Michael Kors Access Sofie was released and it’s still up for sale it’s design is Superb as you can see in the picture picture above.
It comes in Silver, Rose Gold and stable tone.
It’s nuice when you wear it, it feels comfortable and cool as well.
It’s a standard Watch OS  it has no Google pay or even heart rate tracker, but it has My socal, which does a little in managing your Facebook or Instagram.

9. Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41

smart watches for women
It’s not so small but good enough to be among the best smart watch for women.
Tag Heuer did a great Job Fixing it’s issues with the previous release, now they have a 1.12mm Amoled screen

It has an Intel Cloverdale Peak processor and 1GB of RAM, this guarantees fast performance for this watch.

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10 LG Watch Style

smart watches for women
It’s not the 1st we choose, but it’s simplicity can’t be ignored and it’s functionality is worth- while.
It gives alert to you for the tracking of your activity, all based on your settings.
It’s looks isn’t what you think it is, it’s great in looks and it’s weight is perfect it’s not heavy,and it is slim.

10  Misfit Path:

smart watches for women
Because it’s at the bottom doesn’t mean it’s not awesome, in fact it will surprise you to know that the Misfit Path is small around 36mm in size.
It’s gives you alert in vibrations and And movements on the clock.

The side buttons have great functions and It is 50m waterproof, and has a great 6- months battery life boot.



These are the best smart watches for women and it’s your choice to choose one.
It takes time to make decisions but when you made your choice tell us below the one you chose and also if you liked it.


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