Snap Inc Source code leaked!!

According to Mother board, the  iOs update early this year could have lead to some  leaked source code of Snap inc’s app.

It is suspected by Snap Inc that an update that was rolled out early this year could have leaked Out some of it’s Source code according to a Tuesday report on Mother board. The Code is reported to have been Archived on GitHub until the company asked The site to remove the Data.

Here is the report;

“An iOS update in May exposed a small amount of our source code and we were able to identify the mistake and rectify it immediately,” a Snap Inc. representative told Motherboard. “We discovered that some of this code had been posted online and it has been subsequently removed. This did not compromise our application and had no impact on our community.”

Also here is a request sent to GitHub;

“we would appreciate you take down the whole thing.” The individual who sent the request said, “I am [redacted] at Snap Inc., owner of the leaked source code.”
One portion of the requests asks: “What would be the best solution for the alleged infringement? Are there specific changes the other person can make other than removal?” to which the individual responded, “No, this should be removed because it is all leaked source code.”

The request was said to be enforced by The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a US copyright law.

But according to Mother board it seems some persons are trading the code.

This is really true Plagarism to the Next level.

Written by AmenaCliff

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