Snapishop review: Your own e-commerce store.

Hey there, today we are going to be looking at the Snapishop review, something every one has been looking for.

If you’ve come across Snapishop on the web before, then this post will enlighten you about it.

Snapishop Review &Overview Part I

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What is Snapishop?

Snapishop is a cloud based software responsible that  makes it possible for customers/users to make profit instantly.

This e-commerce creator helps to create a high converting gallery e-com shop.

It is highly customizable and the pictures in the gallery are gotten from pictures posted on the user’s social media profile.

Product name: Snapishop

Launch Day: Thursday, 7th March 2019 @ 11AM EDT

Close Date: Tuesday, 12th March 2019 @ 11:59PM EDT

Vendor: Mo Miah & Missan Morrison.

Sales Page: Buy Snapishop HERE NOW

Requirements for using Snapishop:

For a user to be able to use snapishop, he must have an active social media account, it could be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, + Snapishop software.

One amazing thing about snapishop that we will see in this snapishop review is that:

“You can actually make your first sale and grow your e-commerce shop, with paying monthly fees for shopify, and setting up complicated shops”

Take note of that because that’s the major importance of this e-commerce shop creator.

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Why you should invest in Snapishop (e-commerce)

The fact is e-commerce is booming world wide now.

At this point, over 1.2 Million persons are using Shopify for trading their e-com products.

What discourage people is the fact that 70% of persons that venture into this way of shopping usually don’t make money out of it.

But that’s huge: 70% don’t make money?

Well let’s see the reason why that is so.

The fact is Spotify and all other e-commerce system don’t care if you make profit or not, their system is meant to dig out huge monthly fees out of your pockets.

Don’t be deceived, you will never stop paying for shopify, you will always pay regardless of the fact that you are loosing or gaining.

The recommendation they give you? Upgrade your plan and get extras which could make you get more profit, and does that work? No!

The game is set before you, if you don’t pay you will loose your online shop and boom!! your business falls.

If you are new into the industry, setting up Shopify is complicated, and you will do something wrong if you don’t have technical expertise.

This is why Snapishop is introduced into the market.

Highlights on this Snapishop review so far:

No monthly fees

No Shopify

No technical experience needed

No complicated process to set up

How to start up with Snapishop:

  1. Buy Snapishop (I’ll leave the link) when it’s launched 
  2. Integrate your ACTIVE social media profiles 
  3. Sort and select images of what you want to sell or promote from your social media pages or profiles.
  4. Customize your snapishop store (Very easy)
  5. Start making money from your e-commerce shop.

This  process will take from 3-5 minutes (surprised right?)….

You can drive BUYER traffic to your Monetize     e-com store from anywhere.

Nothing like Snapishop hasn’t been built before, and yes, you can use your social media pictures ( jewelry, yoga, e.t.c.) to make money on your e-com shop.

All product’s under Snapishop:

1. Snapishop Commercial ($27-$37)

This is the main product for sale for all persons, if you can afford more than $37, then you should try the one below

2. Snapishop pro ($47) 

If you buy the pro Snapishop, you will be able to:

  • Access more attention grabbing templates
  • Unlock additional premium features

A study of previous campaigns that have sold a lot and had successfully had profits.

    Snapishop Traffic Academy ($67)

    A complete training on how to drive traffic to your sales page and convert them to sales

    Snapishop Agency- (50 license) for $97 or (100 license) for $147.

    With this you can get an additional license to give to your team or you assistance.


    So the Snapishop review has touched all aspect about Snapishop, so if you have any question please leave it in the comment section below

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