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It is no doubt that video making has become more and more complex over the years, well in this speaq review, we will be taking a look at the no.1 best AI video maker.


With the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) we can say that a lot of things has been made very easy, and one of such is video production.


Let’s see how Speaq works..


How Speaq works ( Speaq Review Part 1)


Unlike other AI video makers, speaq uses a very easy to use interface to create videos.


Before now we need to have already made video templates, which you may have bought, (increasing your cost) and you need to fill in text and price point and even the most important part, CTA.


Like I have done in the past, I simply just cross my fingers and hope I get a good video.


In most cases I have had a really low conversion rate with my customers, because the videos are not of high quality and it’s not really appeasing and it bore users.


I’ll say it here that I’ve lost a lot of money on ads using the wrong video maker.


I simply said to myself, what if I could make videos that convert really well, and I’m able to sell to my customers?


I knew that would be stressful, and hiring a VA would be very expensive.

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So I went online and contacted my friend Brad.


He told me he’s bringing up a new software to create badass sales videos, and I can test it for 2 months.


I decided to give it a trial….. well that software is speaq.


Let’s talk more about it below.


Speaq Review Part 2:

Speaq Review

I tried speaq for a week, and I can tell you in that week I spent only 10 minutes creating my sales videos.


Well that was possible because of how speaq works…


Creating videos with speaq is similar to chatting with your best friend.


You can create awesome videos by having simple conversations with speaq.


Yes and it worked for me!


And there something more!


I had clients who wanted sales videos too.., know what speaq helped me do?


In my speaq dashboard there’s a small section where I can get a shareable link.


If I share this link to my clients, they get to answer questions on how they want their videos to be like, and it automatically create a video for them according to their needs.


I didn’t even have to do anything from my end, just to share them the link!


Here’s the amazing thing, they get a preview of the video, and if they like it, which they must because speaq makes awesome videos, your client will have to pay before he can use the video.


Isn’t that’s amazing!!


So simply give the client a link and make cash in less than 5 minutes!


Like I was amazed when I got the alert on my PayPal, that I’ve sold a video to _____ name.. lol.. a video I didn’t make


You see….. I saw this giant offer that Brad said he’s giving out just on his first week of launch…. He’s giving you this awesome tool for just $ 37.


Like I sold a video for $100 that’s a  $67 profit margin… you could sell more than one in a day and even make more money from just a one time Payment of $37.


I don’t want you to miss this, that’s why I made this Speaq review, so that both of us can enjoy the good that AI Video makers like Speaq brings.


I’ll include a link below where you can get speaq and start earning big bucks today, either for a client or making great videos that convert,


In this Speaq review we have seen the good speaq has to give, but it won’t give you good if you don’t get it, you can’t see $1,000 on the table left for you and not collect it..


Get it Today!


Written by AmenaCliff

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