8 Easy ways to speed up Internet Connection on Android

speed up Internet Connection on Android
how to speed up internet connection on Android


Have you ever tried to speed up your internet connection? Did you succeed? Well, if you didn’t don’t worry, that won’t be the case as you leave this page as this post will help you to know how to speed up your internet connection On Android.
Speeding up your internet connection on Android is easy if you follow the steps below:


I have tried the tips below and they worked for me, they should also work for you as well

1. Change your Preferred Network Type.

This is a guide that some persons don’t know about; it’s a very helpful tip because your network type determines how fast your network is. How?
Well let’s start by knowing the network types

(a) 2g or Edge Network

This is the network we all used before we had Android phones, it was mainly seen in Java phones but the option is still open for every Android phone
It’s slow and not good at Downloading, if you want fast network, I recommend you don’t use 2g Network.

(b) 3g or  H+ Network

This is obviously an upgrade of the Edge network, I’ll say its ×3 of2g network, that’s because, the speed at which websites open, the Downloading has improved dramatically.
If you want Fast Network I’ll prefer you opt for the 3g network rather than the 2g, although the 3g consumes more of your mobile data, but with this help on how to save your mobile data, it won’t eat into your budget as much.
(c) 4g Network
It’s the best so far, although there are innovations on the new 5g, but for now this is the best you can get, It is evidently faster than 3g and has less Downloading time.
So, what’s our pick?

If your Android phone supports 4g then it’s the best you can get, but if yours doesn’t have 3g, it’s best you opt for the 3g Network Type.

How to Change Your Network Type

Follow these steps below and you’ll change your Network type in no time
  • ·         Head over to Settings and Click on it
  • Click on Networks and Internet
  • ·         Click on Mobile Network
  • ·         Choose the ISP you want to change its Network type for, the option is usually clearly seen at the Top of the settings Bar
  • ·         Click on ‘Preferred Network Type’
  • ·         Choose 3g or 4g(If your device has it)

Below is a picture of how it should look like.


speed up Internet Connection on Android
speed up internet
And Boom you are good to go.
Note: If you are using the 4g, it’s only possible to have better effect if you are using a 4g sim,
You can purchase a 4g sim card from your ISP.

 This is actually one of the best ways to speed up Internet Connection on An Android device

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2. Switch off Data Saver 

Data Saver slows done your internet connection, it’s a way of reducing your mobile data usage, by reducing the efficiency of your mobile data, so switching it off will increase the efficiency of your mobile data and as a result more speed.

How to Switch off Data Saver 

It’s easy if you follow these steps:
  • ·         Go to Your settings
  • ·         Click on Network and Internet
  • ·         Click on Data Usage
  • ·         Click on Data Saver
  • ·         Toggle it Off
Some persons use 3rd party apps for saving data, if you are among them do well to disabled the feature or even uninstall it, all of these to speed up your internet connection.

3. Don’t Clear your Cache

Cache is useful for speeding up your internet connection on Android phones. Why?
Cache is explained by Wikipedia below:
In computing, a cache /kæʃ/ kash, is a hardware or software component that stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster; the data stored in a cache might be the result of an earlier computation or a copy of data stored elsewhere
So stored cache can help to speed up your internet connection as it reduces the request time for data as it’s stored already in your phone.
But there’s a disadvantage cache slows down your phone, and it creates the impression that your internet is slow, but it doesn’t really slow down your Internet, it just slow down your phone.
Another disadvantage is that it occupies space, on your phone.

4. Update your Android version:

Each new update by Google fixes a bug and marks an improvement.
So updating your Android version, either minor or Major updates could help to speed up your internet connection on Android.

How to check for updates and install on Android: 

It’s going to be easy if you follow the steps below:
  • ·         Go to your settings
  • ·         Scroll down and Click on System
  • ·         You’ll see System Updates, click on it.
  • ·         It automatically checks for updates, if found you’ll have to download and install it.
speed up Internet Connection on Android
speed your internet up

If no updates are found, then don’t worry! Your phone will notify you when there is.

5. Uninstall Apps you don’t use

There are some apps that you don’t use, but they are active in the background.
They sip your Mobile Data, and the more load on your mobile data by the background apps the slower your internet connection.

So try to uninstall these apps ,it’s even an Advantage for you as you’ll be able to save some space, on your phone.

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6. Enable Text Only On Browsers

This is another good way to speed up your internet connection as it helps to clear out images from your loading websites, but how does it help?
Some webmasters failed to compress and reduce the size of their images, so it leads to slow loading of web-pages as pictures needs to be fully loaded and displayed to the reader (you).

So instructing your browser to leave images behind cuts the time spent on downloading these images, and in turn speeds up the connection.

7. Disconnect Your Vpn:

If you don’t know what Vpn is I explained in details here..
Some times when we use Vpn it actually shows down our connection as it’s so  because your device is connected to a remote server usually too far away from you, so before all connections are finalized, the time has been lingering.

SO try to disconnect your Vpn or even dish the app, doing this will help to speed up internet connection on your Android phone.

8. Contact Your ISP(Internet Service Provider)

This is recommended if things eventually get worse, this is because some of these slow internet connections, are not usually from our own phones but from our ISP maybe because of minor upgrades that has affected the server negatively
So call out to the ISP you use so they can address the issue, to confirm if it’s the ISP Its best you try another one, and see if the slow network persist.
If it doesn’t then it’s your ISP.

These Tips are helpful, they will help you to speed up your internet connection on Android, and it’s usually not a problem for me anymore as I now know how to speed up internet connection on Android.

Share your thoughts about this and I’ll definitely get back you, if you have questions, drop them I’ll get back as fast as I can.


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