Steam Family Sharing Not Working: Here’s a Quick Fix


Steam Family Sharing Not Working


I remember a lot of persons buzzing around the Internet about steam family sharing, where they could play games and be connected with their friends, playing the same game and all those kind of stuff.
It turns out, many people still search on Google “Steam Family Sharing Not Working”, while it’s as released, they were all high with hopes but now, only one person can play?

Mind you some people felt since it was the term “family” used, then you could only share to your family members.

NO!! that’s not it, how on earth will steam know the person you are sharing the game with is part of your family ( Smallest unit of the society) to be precise.
So if you have this view, please that’s not why it isn’t working, I’ll show you the reason.
Well, it turns out that this post have just the solution to that problem, so let’s dive in.

It’s easy to do this, to be honest, it could actually be a mistake from your end, so check out the possible mistakes you could be making below:
You forgot, to remind the Library owner, to log into his computer and authorize your access to his library.
Even if your account name is already included in the owner’s list of eligible users, you still need approval from the library’s owner.


Now that’s you’ve check out that, and it’s authorized? and still yet your steam family isn’t working!
Well according to the steam community forum, someone had the same issue,and what was the problem?
He failed to realize that only one person at a time. 
Yes, you got that right!
If you share your game library with me, and I’m playing a game.
 PS: Let’s name it Asphalt 9
And the other person wasn’t to play the same Asphalt 9, it can’t work that way. One person at a time, only one person can play.
But steam got some way of setting things up.
 When you ( as the owner of the game library if you are) room someone else sharing the game as well, choose the same game, the other person is playing, a pop-up appears in the screen of the other person you are sharing it with, telling him to:
  • Buy the game or
  • Quit within 5 minutes.

Other things to Note about Steam Family Sharing 

Not all games can be shared. The sharing ability is limited to the game you are playing, or intend sharing or eagerly anticipating to be shared to.
So it may not work if your game doesn’t allow it.
So the best fix here is: buy the game.
But If you tried the above, and it still didn’t work, then you can try this out:
Turn off your PC and Switch it back on: 
“It worked for a user of the Steam community” as you can see below,



Wrapping Up:

Let look at the quick fix together:


So Multiple users can share an account but not play the same game at the same time.
You have to be authorized by the owner of the Library’s even though, you could be in his eligible list of users.
Some games cannot be shared, so don’t get overly angry if you don’t get the game, just simply buy it.

Bonus Tip :

Don’t Uninstall steam, because if you do so, the whole process will start all over again.

So that’s it, share this with your friends who have the same issue so they don’t get stuck at forums finding solutions.
If you have an questions, or experiences or even additional ways to fix steam family not working, leave a comment below.

Written by AmenaCliff

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