Teamviewer Authentication Rejected: How to fix

Teamviewer Authentication Rejected


So if you are like me you should have gotten the error TeamViewer authentication rejected.


I was about to view some of my files on my PC at home when I was at the office, and I logged on to Teamviwer  and I got that error message.

WelI I was able to view my files later on, but it wasn’t a Simple thing to do, I’ll share how I was able to do that below..

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Why your Teamviewer Authentication was Rejected:


Teamviewer always tries it’s best to make sure that any one that he/she has access to your files is actually authorized to do so, this is done to protect your content and privacy.


As a result of that privacy measure team viewer periodically updates it’s authentication log, clearing out already authenticated systems.


It does this especially when it hasn’t been used for a while, so that someone else doesn’t bump into your PC at hand and have access to your remote computer.


In some cases, you may see the remote computer as Online on your end, but there has to be an authentication process initiated again.


While there may be other reasons, this is ONE of them.


So back to my story, how was I able to solve this problem.


Let’s see…

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How I solved the Teamviewer Authentication Rejected issue 


Well Friends and Family helped me…


I know that’s Vague and doesn’t seem helpful but I’ll tell you how..


I called my brother who was at home to reboot my remote System, and that was it!


That’s how I was able to access my files without going back home….


And I’m not the only one who has found success using this method…


Even the Teamviewer Forum has countless of people who solved this issue by rebooting their remote PC.


So to solve Teamviewer Authentication Rejected, you need to reboot your Remote PC.


What if you don’t have access to your remote PC, or there is no one at home….. how will you be able to solve this Teamviewer Authentication Rejected problem?


Well the best you can do in this case is to go home and reboot your system or call someone who is nearby to do that for you.


That way you will be able to use your Teamviewer again.. remotely..


So what do you think about this solution?


If there are other methods you used to solve your Teamviewer Authentication Rejected, leave them in the comment section below. PEACE OUT ✌️


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