The New Apple devices to come May Feature Face ID.

For the rich they are eagerly anticipating when apple will drop another device so they can upgrade theirs to the latest.

Well To keep you updated I’ll bring in what Report says;
“Reports leaked by a key supplier of Apple Face ID components has seen an increase in orders and revenue ahead of Apple’s expected fall product launches, according to Loup Ventures (via Cult of Mac). “

This gives us more reason to conclude that apple’s three 2018 phones to come  may have Face ID.

Loup Ventures writes: “Apple’s key iPhone X augmented reality component supplier, Lumentum (LITE), reported better than expected Jun-18 quarter results. Given the expected ramp in VCSEL arrays, we believe this fall, Apple will offer 3 iPhone models (up from 1 today) that include AR/3D sensing.”

It is expected that apple will release three new Apple devices : A spiffed up iPhone X , A bigger iPhone Xplus and a lower cost model which could be tagged with The name “iPhone 9”

For now only the iPhone X has face ID but it’s believed that the iPhone 9 will also have such great Camera meaning that Face ID, Animoji, and Memoji may come to all the new iPhones, not just the “high-end” ones.

So you won’t have to spend A lot for an Apple device with Face ID any way.

Let’s have your thoughts? Is the Face ID really Necessary? Will apple Loose bringing it to a low cost Device The iPhone 9?.. share and get your Friends opinion as well.

Written by AmenaCliff

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