Tips on taking better photos with you Phone.

Have you ever wondered why we take 10 photos and end up deleting 8 photos. Some people blame their Camera saying it’s Low quality, and even consider changing their phones although it (Megapixel) adds to the quality of photos but there may be some things you are doing wrong.

Well don’t worry, this post will correct those mistakes.
We will be discussing 8 tips and tricks on taking better photos with your Smart phone, Come along!!!

Understand the Application you are using for Photoshoot.

Today we have so many Applications used to take photos, and each of them have their Distinct Properties and Features, so you could be using a camera application with Beauty mode(Which Smoothens your face) and you may be using the Normal mode which shows the pimple and Burns on your face if you have any.

But actually, if you know your Application and understand it you would use the Beauty mode which brings out a better photo.

Avoid Using Zoom

Our devices are not like Specialized Cameras which have Optical zoom but our’s have Digital Zoom. Well the disadvantage is that it adds noise to the picture which reduces picture Quality.

Keeps Your Hand Steady:

Fortunately Recently devices come with what we call OIS(Optical Image Stabilization) it’s kinda balances the Camera’s lense even though you Shake your phone, but since it’s a new feature it’s not 100% effective so it’s best you keep your hand steady and prevent shaky hands.

Make sure your Camera is Clean

We spend most of our time with our phone, our phones are around us when we eat, and drink and definitely it will get Alot of Finger prints on the Camera, well, if that’s the case it reduces your Camera’s efficiency, as light can no longer pass through lenses so photps won’t be clear or sharp. So to take Clearer photos it’s best you clean The Camera’s lense.
You could use a glass or lense cleaner for it.

Use the Flash at the right time.

Almost all phones have provisions for A bright LED flash light, but it’s not actually usefull in all conditions not even in low lights Situations.

Take Multiple Photos: 

It’s best you Take Photos from different angle and perspective as one sided photo cannot actually be the best, so after trying different areas you can choose the best.

Edit your Photos:

Editing your photos can actually give you a better photo at the end as you get a chance to add great effects to the picture like the HDR and Light cross, you can also adjust light Exposure and Even blur out unpleasant environment.

So what are you waiting for go ahead and tell your friends how to Take better photos and Let’s have your thoughts below. Thanks

Written by AmenaCliff

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