How To Turn Off Google Assistant On Android [Easily]


 turn off google assistant


The Google assistant is a really helpful feature that has been added to latest versions of the Android but some Android users has not been cool with this feature, and this has prompted the query

“turn off google assistant”
Well, it would be interesting to know that this post will help you do just so.
I feel the major reason for this is the fact that it activates it self against your wish, most times even when you are making phone call.
I remember I was doing some research a week back and I was upset because the Google assistant just pop up on my screen

I was able to disable  google assistant using the tips below




How I was able to turn off google assistant:


I  followed 3 methods as seen  below to turn off google assistant manager

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Completely Deactivate The Google Assistant:

If you choose to disable your Google Assistant then these steps will help

·         Open The Google App

·         Click on Menu ( 3 horizontal lines at the bottom right of the your screen)

 turn off google assistant

·         Click on Settings on the menu page and the next.
        turn off google assistant

 turn off google assistant


·         Scroll around and locate “Assistant” section

·         Scroll down and click on Phone


                       turn off google assistant

·         Toggle of the Google Assistant.

 turn off google assistant


This is just one way to turn off google assistant on your Android.

2. Turn off Google Assistant from being your assist app

This is another way to turn off google assistant.

Follow the steps below.

·         Go to your settings


·         Open Applications tab

 turn off google assistant

·         Navigate to and click on Default apps


·         Click on Assist and Voice inputs
      turn off google assistant

·         Click on Assist App


·         Click on None

 turn off google assistant


And you have successfully turn off google assistant from coming up when you touch your start/home button.

3. Try to Take Your Google App back to old version:

I don’t recommend this as I don’t the others and that’s why it’s at the bottom of the list
Your Google app could have been Free of the Google Assistant Feature, before you updated it, only if your phone didn’t come with the Google Assistant feature by Default.
So take this steps to disable and remove it.

·         Go to settings

·         Click on Apps

 turn off google assistant

·         Locate Google and Click on it.

 turn off google assistant

·         Click on the 3 columns at the Top right hand of the screen

 turn off google assistant

·         A pop up appears ( uninstall Updates)


·         Click on uninstall Updates.

It’s easy to turn off google assistant and I’m sure you can do it, but if you face any issues by the way, drop a comment and I’ll be ready to listen.
Or do you have any reasons why you want turn off google assistant? Tell me and I’ll do well to speak about it.


Written by AmenaCliff

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