Uber suggest 3.0 : Neil Patel’s Free Tool

Uber Suggest 3.0

We all remember when Neil Patel launched Uber Suggest 2.0 but after the launch,  he has promised to release Uber Suggest 3.0

The wait is finally over, he launched the Ubersuggest 3.0 on the 29th of January 2019.

P.S : This is my own Ubersuggest 3.0 review

Let’s see more about this Free tool box Niel Patel.

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The New Features of the Ubersuggest 3.0 

Below are some of the features of this Free SEO tool.

1. Traffic Analzyer Overview: 

Okay this would compete with Ahrefs, because it’s simple and direct.

It is broken down into 3 major parts:

The Overview

Uber suggest Over view
This section just simply gives us an overview of the search traffic of the website’s domain metric you seek.

It’s shows you the Organic Keywords, Organic Traffic, Paid Keywords and also Paid Cost, that could be spent on Google ads.

It also shows a graph of growth of the organic traffic of the website over time.

It also shows you the Domain score, the number of backlinks, number of referring domains and  Organic Traffic value

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 Top pages

The Uber Suggst 3.0 shows you the top pages that the get website most of its organic traffic from.

For each page you are given the title of the post, to number of visits the page gets per month, and an estimate of the social shares.

When you click on view all, you will see a lot of keywords the page ranks for. It is so far  the best part of this tool for me.

When you click view all you get information on the : Estimated visits, the Volume, CPC if you’d run an Ad, and also how hard it will be to rank for it.

This gives you an all round information about a site and helps you know what has worked and is still working for the competition!

 Top  Keywords

the top keywords Uber suggest

This section shows you the top keyword that drag in tons of traffic to website.

It is an amazing tool, as you get to steal competitors keywords, at ease.

You have data for SEO and SEM, which give sy you a fair overview of the what to do next.

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Am I paying for the Uber Suggest 3.0 

No! no cost, it is TOTALLY free without limitaions.

Niel’s goal as far as I can remember is to bring up tools that will compete with those paid tools. this is a big boost to those who can’t afford $99 per month on Ahrefs or slightly higher for Sem rush.

Who should use the Ubersuggest 3.0 

Uber Suggest is a great tool and the version 3.0 being the latest version of the Ubersuggest,   there should be another of improvement.

Every one starting SEO should try to use this Free tool by Neil patel.

Even though you are advanced in your SEO career it’s still cool to use this Free tool, so you won’t be dishing out $99 on Ahrefs every month.

It’s a great Keyword tool and could soon be one of the best domain analysis tool, if not that it has some bugs yet to be fixed.

I trust that Neil patel and his team will fix this bug and as a result, it would be usable by every one including those that are always seeking the perfect tool.

Uber Suggest is a cool and free SEO tool and yes it’s for every one.


The Uber Suggest 3.0 is a nice innovation of the Uber suggest 2.0. Staters can now get access to information on SEO without a premuim tool.

It’s left you to use to properly and be efficient enough to get a nice result the end.

There are still some on going bugs being fixed on the Ubersuggest 3.0 so things ain’t perfect!

What do you think? Is this a great tool? Is the Uber suggest 3.0 capable of measuring up with the top guns in the industry

Written by AmenaCliff

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