Should I use Nvidia or Realtek Audio? [Guide]:


Should I use Nvidia or Realtek Audio

Playing games, while [using the graphics card ] either Realtek and Nvidia, can give you smooth, game play.

This may prompt the question: should I use Nvidia or Realtek audio.

Well Don’t worry we will answer that, but first let’s look at each of the audio drivers, and we will see, each of them and their features.


What is the Nvidia Audio


Nvidia is a company that produces graphics processing units for both games and other professional markets. It can also run on Systems with chip units.

With the Nvidia audio driver, your video card can successful transmit sound through the HDMI cable.


What is the Realtek Audio:


The Realtek Audio is one of the most used auido drivers in the world because it provides high quality sound,

Once the driver is installed you are given a Realtek HD Audio manger, you can use this to make the sound better and also play efficiently.

Should I use Nvidia or Realtek Audio? 

Well, the answer to this question (Should I use Nvidia or Realtek Audio) is not NO or YES.

But the truth is the two of them works together, (if you use mother board’s and HDMI audio)

The Nvidia works with the HDMI output but the Realtek works with onboard (motherboards) audio output.

You can leave the two of them on your system as without the Nvidia driver your HDMI audio won’t pick up, and without Realtek, your Motherboard audio output will fail.

Remember why we are using 2 Audio drivers is because of the two audio devices, the Motherboard and the HDMI output.

But if you are using only your Motherboard Audio you can leave your Realtek Audio ans despise the Nvidia audio driver.

If you use the HDMI audio output, then you can leave the Nvidia Audio drivers, and despise the Realtek Audio drivers.

So the question: Should I use Nvidia or Realtek Audio doesn’t have a definite answer. ( YES OR NO).

Rather it all depends on you and what you use as Audio.
But, it’s not bad if the two of them are installed, unless you are trying to keep space on your PC.


Additional Guide on choosing Realtek or Nvidia

When choosing be careful that you know exactly what you are going to use, as I said earlier the HDMI Audio is for the Nvidia (this is for the card only),

Well the truth is if you are going to connect the Pc to speakers or audio jacks and head phones  you will need the Realtek Audio driver, and that why I recommend you have both installed.


This is because you can never tell when you will need to connect your PC to head phones or speaker, so for sake of whatever can happen, keep both installed.


How to Install Realtek Audio Drivers:

There are two ways:

1. Manually.

2. Automatically (Recommended method).

1. Manually:

This entails extra skills, and more work, if you are not aquincted with computers you can’t use this method.

To do this go to Realtek website and then find the driver for your system (the hard part)  and Download it.

If it is Downloaded successfully, double click on the driver you have downloaded and follow the Installation instructions on the screen.

2. Automatically:

As I said it’s the recommended way, because it’s easy to set up, with just few actions with your mouse.

You can set it up even if you are a newbie in the computer world.

To do this follow the steps below:


  • Download and install Driver Easy
  • Run the app and click on scan now, this will scan and detect any problem on your drivers.
  • Click the update button next to the Flagged Realtek Audio driver and the version of Realtek Audio driver for your system will be Downloaded.
  • If you wish to update all drivers click on Update all.

What if there is conflict between Nvidia and Realtek drivers

If there is conflict uninstall both drivers and reinstall from the MANUFACTURER.

After this is done all should come back to normal.

Note: Make sure you select “speaker ( Realtek High definition Audio)” under the sound management.


Should I use Realtek



So yes both are cool, depending on what you use in your PC but I strongly advice that both should be installed.
They can work together without conflict.

So that’s the answer to Should I use Nvidia or Realtek Audio.

If you have any more questions please leave them in the comment section below.

Written by AmenaCliff

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