Valore Wireless Earpiece Review [Honest Review]


Valore wireless earpiece review

If you have been searching the web for a Valore wireless earpiece review then this post ends the wait, because I’ll be giving you my review of the Valore wireless earpiece.


Since 2017 wireless earpiece has being on an increase, and they have been getting more popular, but the thing is these earpiece are expensive, especially the ones that iPhone brought about.
But in this valore wireless earpiece review we will be seeing two wireless earpiece that Valore has made, and the fun thing they are cheap.
The two earpiece are:
1. Valore wireless earphones (BTS18)
2. Valore dual Dynamic wireless earphone (BTi36)
Let’s look at the first:

1. Valore wireless earphones (BTS18)

This is a nice one though, it’s design is cool, although not as stylish as the iPhone wireless earpiece, but it could serve as an alternative.

It’s a great one I found for valore wireless earpiece review

This earpiece has a sleek design and is comfortable, you can enjoy 13 hours of good high quality music without charging it.
It cost $49.90 but is available for $19.99 now which is 60% off.



  1. Wireless range: 10m
  2. Battery type: 230mAh Li-polymer battery
  3. Standby time: Up to 120 hours
  4. Charging time: Up to 1.5 hours
  5. Playback time: Up to 13 hours
  6. Power input: DC5V/300mAh
  7. Micro USB cable length: 300m
  8. Cable length: 300mm up
  9. Dimension (L x W x H): 45 x 50 x 35mm
  10. Material: ABS
  11. Weight: 25g

What’s in the Box?

In the box we have:
1.Wireless earphones
2.Micro USB charging cable

3.Size S and L ear tips

It’s a nice earpiece from this valore wireless earpiece review

2. Valore dual Dynamic wireless earphone (BTi36)

Valore wireless earpiece review


This is another earphone that we will consider in this Valore earpiece Review, this one has wire, but is connected through Bluetooth.
It has the maximum quality in these aspect:
Dual moving coil horns for high fidelity immersion
Answer calls and adjust volume easily with on-cord controls (very cool)
Ergonomic design for extreme comfort to match active lifestyles. Its one or the r
It’s cost $49.90
If you are a smart guy, then this one is for you.


  1. Wireless range: 10m
  2. Battery type: 60mAh polymer
  3. Charging time: 1 hours
  4. Playback time: 4 hours
  5. Standby time: 200 hours
  6. Supports: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  7. Power input: 5V
  8. Cable length: 620mm
  9. Material: Metal
  10. Weight: 12g

What’s in the Box:

  1. Dual dynamic driver wireless earphones
  2. Charging cable (310mm)
  3. Ear tips x 2 pairs
These are the 2 EAR PIECE I could see while researching
 on this topic, but there are some other ones you may consider, they are wireless too.

Other Valore wireless product:

1. Valore Redwing – Wireless On-Ear Headphone (HS0016)

Valore wireless earpiece review
This didn’t fall under the first two because it is a HEADPHONE.
But it’s still wireless, well let’s see.
This earphone has the style to match with a rich and lifelike audio quality. It has fully-adjustable headband and a pair of trendy matte black round shaped earcup

 This Valore Redwing wireless headphone comes in one incredible package.

In this valore wireless earpiecez I did research and this amazing product.

You stand the chance to Enjoy up to 12 hours of continuous music playback with just 3 hours of charging! If you buy this Head phone.
It cost about: $39.90



  1. Wireless range: Up to 10m
  2. Built-in battery: 300mAh Lithium polymer battery
  3. Driver: 40mm
  4. Impedance: 32Ω
  5. Standby time: Up to 200 hours
  6. Charging time: Up to 3 hours
  7. Playback time: Up to 12 hours
  8. Power input: DC5V
  9. Material: PVC
  10. Dimensions (L x W x H): 176 x 156 x 77mm
  11. Weight: 140g

What’s in the Box:

  1. Wireless on-ear headphone
  2. 3.5mm Auxiliary cable (1000mm)
  3. USB charging cable (240mm)

2. Valore True Wireless Earbuds With Charging Dock (BTi36)

Valore wireless earpiece review
This is another one, it’s an Earbud this time and it’ could actually be the iPhone wireless earpiece alternative.
It cost $69.90
Let’s look at the features:
Connect up to two mobile phones simultaneously
Enjoy premium and high quality music without added weight of wires
Store wireless earbuds in a protective case while it recharges



  1. Wireless range: Up to 10m
  2. Earbuds battery type: Built-in 80mAh lithium battery
  3. Charging case battery type: Built-in 600mAh lithium-polymer battery
  4. Standby time: Up to 100 hours
  5. Charging time: Up to 2 hours
  6. Support: A2DP / HFP / HSP
  7. Playback/working time: Up to 3.5 hours
  8. Power input: DC5V
  9. Material: ABS + PC
  10. Dimensions (L x W x H): 92 x 38 x 36mm
  11. Weight: 72g

 What’s in the Box:


  1. Wireless earbuds x 1 pair
  2. Charging dock x 1
  3. USB charging cable (500mm) x 1
  4. Earbuds x 2 pairs
  5. Earhook x 1
So that’s it, these are the wireless earpiece, that valore has produced.
In this Valore wireless earpiece review, we have seen a lot of cheap earpiece to buy..
I still agree that none of these match the iPhone wireless earpiece.
But either case they are also cool. Do you have any question, on this Valore wireless earpiece Review? If you do please ask in the comments section below.

Written by AmenaCliff


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