What is the measure App? How can I use the Measure App for my iPhone? (iOS 12)

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The Measure app is Apples New app relaased from an update on the iOS 12… How can you use the measure app?

Uh oh let me guess, you’re here because you don’t know how to use the Measure App on your iPhone? Maybe am right; because you may have updated your phone to the iOS 12,and saw this mysterious app called “Measure”.

Well, as you follow this post you will know what the Measure App is used for, and how you can use the Measure App on your iphone.
The measure app is a new app created by Apple that uses “augmented reality” to find the measurements of objects around you, as you wish though. It acts as a tape measure or a ruler using your phone’s camera.
Thanks to this new Apple app, you no longer have to spend 12 minutes trying to find the measurements of your coffee table, just use the Measure app.
But the big question remains “how do I use the Measure app on my iPhone?
well, what more do I have to say than let’s GO!!!!


 How to use the Measure app on your IPhone (ios 12) for straight lines?

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how to use the measure app on my iPhone.


Every time you open the measure app, it tells you to move your phone around so it can be able to graps information about the area you intend measuring.
So hold your phone in a way that your device can be able to scan the area and the camera is pointing to the object you want to measure. Keep moving your phone until you see a white circle with a white dot inside it.
Line the white dot up with a corner on the object you want to measure then press the white button with the + sign in the middle of it. You’ll observe that often when the app has identified an object, the dot will “snap” to a corner as you get near it
After pressing the measure button, move slowly to where you want the measurements to end, and then make sure you press or tap the measure button again. The first time I tried this, I messed up, I won’t hide that from you my dear reader but Apple was so kind enough to add the Undo button. It’s located at the top of the screen and In case you mess up big time(like me) LOL use the clear button.
Continue measuring by lining up the white dot again and making use of the measure button. You can follow this process for as much as you wish.
Tap on the shutter button at the bottom right if you want to take a photo of the measurement.

How to use the measure app on your IPhone for Square Shots




While this is possible, I don’t actually know the conditions needed for this to work.
The app has the ability to recognize objects with four corners accurately, as it highlights it with “Yellow”
When the above happens, simply tapping on the Measure button would measure your object.

But if the app fails to auto recognize the 4 corners just simply use the straight line method for all 4 sides and let the app work.

How to use the Measure app on your iPhone to: adjust the Measurement



If you measure way beyond your intention, don’t panic, just simply drag the dot to the right spot.


How to use the Measure app on your iPhone to: measure Caveats and tips




Note that the Measure app is  not meant to be accurate enough to use for making cuts on a piece of wood or professional decisions based on size. It’s more of a tool to get an estimated idea of how big or small something is.
In my own personal test, I found the app to be anywhere from a few inches off in a measurement, to a more consistent half-inch off. I found the closer I held the phone to the start and end points, the more accurate the app became.
Trying to measure how wide my room door is, for example, I started by standing about 5 feet away from it and marking my points to measure. The measure app came back with 32.5 inches, for a door that’s 36 inches wide. So I moved to about a foot away from the door and remeasured, and that result was 35.5 inches. I’m OK with that. (You can change between Imperial or Metric as the default by opening the iOS Settings app and finding Measure

How to use the Measure app on your iPhone for Levels



Uh, thank Goodness i remembered, there’s also a level in the new Measure app. It’s the same level that was introduced  in the Compass app for the past few years.
Switch to the level by selecting the Level tab along the bottom of the screen, and then place your phone on the surface you want to level. Once the two circles line up and 0 is read in the middle, the interface goes from black and white to green.

Conclusion on How to use the measure app on my iPhone:

The measure app is really amazing and its more efficient if you follow the steps aligned above carefully and apply them well, if you do you will know how to use the measure app on your iPhone.
Drop your comments below lets have your thoughts about this new app, or tried it? tell us your experience below.

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