Where does print screen save [Quick Answer]

Where does print screen save

If you’ve successfully done a screenshot, and you don’t know where it is saved, you may ask: where does print screen save? 

To show that you are not alone, this question has been asked online several times for the past 5 years, and it’s search frequency is going to drop because, this post will answer it, as you can see in the data below for ‘where does print screen save’

Where does print screen save

What is Print Screen

Nice question, well print screen is a command on your windows software that takes a screen shot of the user’s screen, it’s usually prompted by the user’s wish.

So without Further aldo let’s answer the question:

Where does print screen save

Print screen is a command that ONLY screenshot your screen but doesn’t save it.

Rather than save this command only takes the screenshot and pins it to clipboard, ready to be pasted on a document,or Microsoft paint of what have you?

So using the Prtscn won’t save it but just leave it in clipboard.

What saves your Screen shot is the command:
WIndows (button) + Prtscn

When the above command is prompted, then the file is saved, so where?

The File is saved in this location: 
This PC>>>Pictures>>>>Screenshots.

AWhere does print screen save

The above will take you to the screenshot, and then you have your file saved, if you can remember this, you won’t have to ask where does print screen save.

Where does print screen save if I used the Snipping tool:

If you used the Snipping tool, the location is determined by you.

After screenshots has been made, there is an option to save it, if you like it.

So follow the steps below:

1. Tap on the save snip button

2. In the save box, determine the location, and name of the file as well as the type(jpg or png)

How to Locate a saved snip:

Remember? The location is set by you, but if you forget where you saved it then try this:

If you remember the name of the file type it into the search bar

2. If you forgot the name and the file was saved recently then go to the recent folder in your My computer.
The file should be there for sure!

Advantage of using Snipping tool for Screenshot

If you used Snipping tool for Screenshot why did you use it? Please leave your answer in the comment section
Snipping tool has alot of advantage the major ones are:

1. You get to Screenshot the area you actually need as you can highlight with boders where you want to screen shot or save.

2. It’s stress free.

3. The fact that  you can save to a custom folder and not the screenshot folder could help you to get a more Organized work.

Remember if you have any other reasons am ready to hear them.

Where does print screen save if I use Game bar:

Ummmm….. You may be thinking what is the game bar?

Well a game bar is a new feature in windows 10 that allows you to record your gaming and also to take a screenshot of your game.

So you can equally screenshot if a game or not!

If you have used this, and you ask: where does print screen save? You need not worry as I will answer that question now!

Print screen is saved in the location below:

C:Users[your username]VideosCaptures

Before you attempt using the Game bar, you can assign any keyboard Shortcuts you wish to use.

So to do this:

Launch the Xbox app that came with Windows 10

Open its settings, and under “Game DVR”, toggle “Take screenshots using Game DVR,”

Then assign whatever keyboard shortcuts you want.
So if you want to screen shot, you will use the keyboard combination you chose.

Where does print screen save


So I hope I have answered your question: “where does print screen save?” And also shown you other guides on screenshots.

Sharing is CARING!

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