How to get Prescriptions without going to an Optician

  Eye brands are popping every where around the internet and that prevents your Frequent visit to the optical shop, but what about the prescription? Who will prescribe the type of eye glasses you need without going to the Optical shop? How to get eye remedy without meeting optician


The app that lets you get eye prescription without meeting an optician


Daniel, the CEO of GlassUSA says that many persons stumble at the step of prescription, he says:
“Either, they don’t have a sheet of paper with the prescription or, the optician didn’t give it to them Some opticians choose not to hand over the prescription so that the customer will buy glasses from their own shop.”
Science loving Daniel decided that he will find a digital solution to that, and yes he succeeded, GlassUSA launched a free app that allows you get your prescription from your current Eye glasses.
The app works this way:
1.You open the app on your phone, which will prompt you to open a page on the GlassesUSA website on a laptop or desktop computer.
2.You will then hold your phone in one hand, and hold your glasses in between the phone and the computer.

3.You’ll be asked to move your glasses up and down several times, but within less than 10 minutes, the system should capture your prescription and send it directly to your GlassesUSA account.


It’s really a great innovation isn’t it?

The company says it uses the same system as opticians use to get results and prescription, according to them thousands of their beta testers have tried it and they found it easy to use and also accurate as well.

So this is how to How to get eye remedy without meeting optician

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