Zte zmax pro won’t turn on: 3 Easy Fix

Zte zmax pro won't turn on


Zte zmax pro won't turn on

So your ZTE zmax pro won’t turn on, a lot of things can come up to your mind… Is my phone spoilt? Is my phone developing faults?, or is my battery dead?


It’s normal to ask these questions, in fact asking such questions shows that you know about phones and you know the possible things that can make your ZTE Z max pro not turn on.


First like look at the possible reasons for this issue, 


Possible Reasons why your ZTE Zmax pro won’t turn on



  • Your Phone Battery is totally down / low:



One reason why your phone may not turn on is because the battery is completely down.


If this has been happening to your ZTE z max pro then it can cause problems to your battery as this device is known to never turn on when the battery is very low like 0%.


We will discuss how this can be fixed.



  • Your phone software is broken somewhere:



It could be because your phone’s software or OS is broken somewhere, it’s usually called a bootloader, and this bootloader may have been altered, so your phone can’t turn on.


We will also discuss how this can be fixed.



  • Your phone is actually spoilt :



It could be that your phone is actually spoilt, and you need to get it fixed, we will also discuss how this can be fixed, maybe without spending much money.


Let’s consider the solutions by cause of this issue.


Remember that at this point, you don’t know what exactly is causing the problem, so you want to try all of them till it comes on.


How to fix ZTE Zmax pro won’t turn on if it’s battery issue:


Here’s what you can do.


You need to find a way to charge your phone externally without using your charger brick.


So you can do this by plugging your usb cord to your computer and use, your laptop / desktop to charge your phone, it will pick up, you will be able to charge your phone.


If it comes on then the problem was your battery being down.


Here is  an advice for you….. so your ZTE Z max pro will not turn off again.


Try your best not to take your device to below 10% so it doesn’t go off again.


How to fix your ZTE Zmax pro won’t turn on if it’s a software issue:


If it is a software issue you need to find a way to reset your phone to factory settings.


Here’s how you can do that:


  • Hold the volume up button and the power button at the same time till your phone screen comes on.


  • Scroll down to the factory reset option and press your power button to select it.


  • Scroll down using your volume keys to “Yes” and press your volume button, wait for a while as this takes  time.


  • In the next screen select the reboot option, with the power button, if all is good this should make your phone work well.


How to Fix ZTE Zmax pro won’t turn on if your phone is spoilt:


If your phone is spoilt, the obvious fix here is to actually repair the phone.


Check if the power button is good…… and if your phone as a whole is spoilt try to fix it.


If your warranty is still on, take it back to your company or retail dealer, then they will be able to fix your phone


It your ZTE Zmax pro won’t turn on, it is something that can be fixed, just follow the solutions above.

Hope you found these solutions useful. Enjoy your phone!


Written by AmenaCliff

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